Oh The Joys Of Being A Woman

I attended a Ladies Seminar at the local hospital before I came into work tonight.  It was really informative and I wished all my female friends could have attended.  The topic was on Women’s Health at Every Age.

The seminar was taught by certified midwives, which surprised me.  When I think of a midwife I think if birthing babies.  I don’t think about midwives as being any other type of medical professional that can oversee all avenues of women’s health.  I love my current “woman doctor” and I have no desire to change.  However, if I was in search of a new doctor I was highly impressed with the group of women I just met.  At the end of the seminar one of the women asked if Danielle and I were friends.  We explained we wanted our other friends to come, much like they do for the MS talks, but that they were busy.  We also commented on how there was snacks served!  I knew getting my other friends to come would be a tough sell because there was no free dinner served as they do at the MS talks.  The midwife commented “you guys would have been fun to have in our para-menopause seminar.  I had wanted to attend that one but had a conflict.

It was a small group full of no judgment by the other women if you wanted to share or ask any questions.  Then if you didn’t feel as though you wanted to be so bold you could write your questions down on a piece of paper ahead of time to be read and answered out loud.  I wasn’t the youngest in the group and it appeared only one woman was still interested in child bearing.  The rest of us were more in the age range of para-menopause or menopause. 

Oh the joys of being a woman and what I have to look forward to.

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