Friday On A Thursday

I love when my Friday falls on a Thursday.  I am really ready for days off!!!  I will have two days off and then I’m back to work on Sunday and Monday for my last two graveyard shifts (for at least 12 weeks).  I really wish I didn’t have two more graves left after the weekend but oh well.  What can you do?  I’ll be getting new days off as well when I change shifts next week.  I am very ready for shift change.

Friday I am meeting my friend Phoenix for a concert in the evening and Saturday is the annual St. Patty’s Day corned beef and cabbage feed at the Melba Catholic Church.  I think Kenyon and I are planning to go.  I’m due for some green beer and green sherbet.  Plus, it is a reason to wear a tiny hat!

I am still not getting adequate sleep.  Mostly it is my fault.  I wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep.  Thankfully I was able to grab a short nap before I headed into work tonight.  I was up earlier than planned because we had a meeting with our mortgage broker’s office.  I’m finding that when you buy or sell a house it tends to come in waves.  We had a lot do to/sign/meet-with once we got an offer on our house and finalized the contract on the CBH home.  Then we had a lull with mostly just email exchanges.

The inspection for our current home was on Monday and it seems since then things are now hopping.  I guess the inspection showed our air conditioner was near the end of its life so a HVAC contractor is coming over tomorrow afternoon.  There will also be a plumber coming but we aren’t sure why.  The buyer has asked for an extension through Tuesday.  We hope this is still good news and that the buyer is looking to perhaps make the repairs/replacements on their own vs ask us to.  But, until Tuesday we won’t know for sure.

The scary part about a home inspection is that the buyer can decide to no longer buy the house.  We are still in a good position since our house has not been officially on the market and if something falls through we can work to get our house ready to list.  I really do like this buyer so I hope it will all work out.  It’s funny because when you tell somebody the buyer has a VA loan, they make the same “yikes” sort of expression.  The VA has some tough standards when it comes to their lending.  So we are sort of on egg shells until we know what will happen.  It isn’t making waiting any easier.

We got word from CBH that our build job is moving forward.  They are working on the official plans and drawing the permits.  We have to wait between four and six weeks until we can schedule our final Design Studio appointment.  Again, it is just more waiting.  Kenyon and I do plan to pop into the Design Studio and continue to look over the options so we can narrow down our choices and get a good idea of costs.  It also helped to meet with the mortgage broker today as she was able to show us the bottom line for monthly house payment.  That helps keep me grounded on getting out of control with Design Studio upgrade options.

I think we are sort of at another lull through Tuesday.  Then we will see what happens.  In the meantime we need to keep packing/boxing/moving all that we can so when we do hopefully secure our closing date that we are ready to go!

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