It's Good To Have A Plan

I never made it to a WW meeting on my days off this last week.  Good news though, I saw my WW Leader Donna at Original Pancake House on Thursday morning when I was skipping my meeting.  She happened to be skipping too!  But, her absence was for good reason as her sister was visiting.  Mine was because I wanted pancakes.  It was good to see her.  We should have held our own mini-WW meeting but I’m not sure that would have qualified towards earning a charm.  There just wasn’t enough time left this week to attend another meeting and since you can only miss one of the allotted meetings over the next six weeks, I won’t be getting the new charm they are offering.  I love WW bling so I am quite sad.

I have started my work week and will have very busy days ahead.  I know having a plan will make the week much more successful.  I’m working a five-day stretch because I thought we had our annual Ladies Day at Duck Ranch next Saturday.  However, the date changed to April 9th.  So after working for five days I’ll have almost four whole days off.  Yahoooo!

I know I need to get back into activity and make a return appearance to Curves.  I signed up for a virtual run/walk and I have four miles to complete before the end of the month.  Since we are going to Vegas that last week of the month, I need to get my four miles completed sometime over the next couple of weeks.

Here is what is on the agenda and my rough plan:

Today: I’m at work and then I might meet-up with my parents and my sister at a local bar to see our cousin Tyler.  He is part of the Meridian Fire Department’s pipes and drums and they are doing a “pub crawl” starting at The Curb at 6pm.  We are thinking we might meet up to see him and…oh I don’t know…maybe have a Guinness?

Sunday: regular work day and then yard work.  We are supposed to have crazy warm temps and I need to tackle the backyard.  I’ll be getting in some APs after I get off work.

Monday: work and then straight to Curves.  I’ll be packing my bag with a change of clothes so I can go straight to Curves from work.  It is the best way to stay accountable.

Tuesday: work and another day of packing my bag and driving straight to Curves after.

Wednesday: the painters are coming to start painting part of the inside of the house.  I think this is my best day to attend a WW meeting even though my preferred day would be Thursday.  I can also attend the Saturday morning meeting as a fallback option.  I’ve actually been really curious about that new leader so I might consider that.

Thursday: the window washer is coming at 9am and the carpet cleaners are coming at 12:30pm.  Kenyon and I have a belated anniversary date for massages and dinner at Tucanos….Yahoo!

Friday: I asked to take part of the day off work so I am only working 6am-10am.  The painters are coming to paint the rest of the inside of the house.  This would be a great day to get in my four miles if the weather looks decent.

Saturday: if I have not been able to attend a WW meeting, I will attend the 8am meeting and if I have not completed my four miles, I’ll commit to completing it afterwards.  I have a Scentsy party from 1pm-3pm and the professional stagers are coming to the house at 5pm.

I’m back to work on Sunday and Monday.  The professional photographers are coming to take photos on Monday so the house has to be ready to go that morning.  I want to make sure I stick to my plan but I also have to remember that getting the house ready to go is the top priority.  There is still a lot of outside work to be done and I’ve got a lot of inside deep cleaning too. 

I know once we get the house listed and/or get another buyer things will slow down again.  I don’t want to use it as an excuse to continue to derail me from getting back on course.  I do plenty of that on my own!

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