Tired Tuesday

Good Morning.

Raise your hand if you are tired today?


There is talk at work about going to shift bid and I woke up at 2:45am thinking about it all.  I am not one that resists change but right now I really like our current schedule.  Since I have recently returned to ISP, I fear I have lost my place near the top of the seniority list (I would be third in line based on my original hire date).  When I got to work this morning I was hopeful I could lobby my case but I felt like I am getting a lot of resistance vs. support.  Sigh.

I make pretty good money now with our recent wage increase.  The legislature awarded us a 3% wage increase and then our department lobbied for a higher increase due to cost of living.  Our wages for dispatch aren’t very competitive compared to other agencies in our area.  So I got an additional $3.03 now and will get another $0.40 in July.  It is hard to complain about being at the bottom when you make good money.  Whenever I think about being stuck on graveyard for a year it depresses me.  What I like about our current rotation is that we are on the same shift for 12-weeks and during those 12-weeks you are guaranteed weekends off.  It is nice to always have weekends off at least four times a year.  If we went to a shift bid then you would chance somebody else taking the weekend shift off for the whole year.

I know if I was sitting at the top, I would be more in favor of a shift bid.  Sitting at the bottom doesn’t make you feel very good.  So needless to say I am bit tired today from thinking about all of this. 
I’m picking up my niece Hailey after work to take her to dinner before we attend a class at the local hospital.  It is a class geared towards young women and their mothers on how to open the dialog of sex.  Hailey will be 12 in May and I thought she might want to go.  Since my sister Katie works I asked if I could take her.  I hope she won’t be too embarrassed.  Hopefully it won’t be a super late nig

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