Seven Day Stretch: Goal Completed

I met my goal of filling all three circles on my Apple watch this week.  I even earned an award!!!


I was having a conversation with one of our troopers about recently signing up for several virtual run/walk events just so I could get a metal.  He said, “So you are part of this new generation that feels entitled and has to be given something upon completion.”  Um...heck yeah!  If I’m going to do something I had better be awarded for it.  Okay, so maby it isn’t quite that bad but I do like shiny things.

I had to “fudge” my activity a few times this week but all in all, it was a successful week.  I only made it into Curves once.  I mostly walked on the treadmill at work when I had the opportunity.  One day Kenyon and I walked to/from breakfast and one day I walked a few laps in the mall since I didn’t have time for much else.  I was even so desperate that one evening I was doing squats and walking in place for five minutes just to finish up my 30 minute goal.

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