Friday Randomness

It’s Friday and I’m ready for the weekend!  Tomorrow the movers are coming to move the rest of our BIG stuff to the storage shed and we will relocate to Mom and Dad’s house.  Sunday I am meeting up with a few friends to hike around an area called Jump Creek and then drink some wine and have a picnic at St. Chapelle Winery.  It should be really enjoyable and relaxing.  I love when I can have time with my girlfriends.

We got the official word that they have begun construction on our house.  Now, with that being said it might still be a week or so until we see actual ground movement.  I drove by the property last night just to check and didn’t see anything yet.  Both of the neighbor’s houses have started.  The neighbor on the left is farther along than the neighbor on the right as that just started earlier this week.  I’ll be anxious to join them.  Eeeeeek……so exciting.

Next week we will head to New Mexico to see my in-laws and meet our new great niece.  My mother-in-law is currently in the hospital with pneumonia.  I hope she will be on the mend soon.  Wish we could be there now to see her.  Soon though, very soon.

Sadly we had to move our September NYC/New England cruise out to September of 2017.  I am sure the house will be finished before our sail date but we were feeling nervous about taking a vacation so close to what could be the end of the home building process.  I was able to get all of our current arrangements switched over with no problems so that was a plus.  This also gives us more time to save up money.  NYC is going to be very expensive.  Plus, with a new house we know we want to buy some new stuff.

My eating has much improved from weeks past.  I have gone three days with no sugar/sweets and I’ll soon have a fourth day under my belt.  It feels good to not feel crapy.

My friend Jamie saw this beautiful peacock on her walk today.  Amazing.


Here is some funnies for your Friday.


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