Going Home

“I know they say, you can’t go home again 

Well, I just had to come back one last time…”

                                  Miranda Lambert: “The House That Build Me”


When we started thinking about building a house we knew realistically we couldn’t time things perfectly to end up in our new home just as we turned over the keys to our old home.  Thankfully my parents live in a large house with many empty bedrooms so I knew we wouldn’t actually be homeless.

My parents moved into my childhood home in 1981.  My sister Katie was born in this house and it is the house where I grew up.  It is rare to have your parents still living in your childhood home.  It is far too big of a house to take care of, however, they never really thought they would downsize.  When the home was bought it was known it would be the home Grandma A would eventually live.  Grandma A moved in with us when I was in high school and lived there until she passed away.  I loved having my Grandma there.  My brother moved into my parent’s house several years ago and helps out by taking care of the large yard.  My nieces also occasional spend the night at “Grammy and Grampy’s house” so it’s a good thing there is plenty of room.

I moved out of my childhood home in 1998 when I went to college.  The morning I was ready to move into the dorms at Boise State I hugged my cat and cried.  This was the only home I have ever known and it was also a very safe place to live.  I would now be venturing out on my own and while exciting, it was also very scary.  I’ve lived in many places since I moved into that college dorm room 18 years ago.  I have lived with strangers that became known as roommates, friends that became roommates, and I’ve even lived with all three of my siblings at one time.  I’ve lived in almost every city close to and around Boise.

Now, I have returned to my childhood home but this time I have my husband in toe.  Kenyon and I discussed if we really thought the temporary move in with my parents was the best idea and considered renting an apartment.  However, this type of move allows us to save up some money and not have to actually move all our stuff as we would into a traditional apartment.  I’m sure after a short time we will develop a new routine and not feel as out of place as we would in our own place.  And again, it is just temporary.

I’m most excited to be spending more time with my parents and seeing my Grandpa more as well.  They have started a Sunday night dinner tradition since Grandma D passed away.  I’ll also get to see my nieces more when they come to visit.  Emma is in love with Kenyon and always asks for him to “pick her up” when she sees him.  So we anticipate there will be lots of fun over the next few months.

While this move might not be ideal, everything happens for a reason.  I am thankful that we do have somewhere to go as we make our transition into the home we plan to stay at for several years. 

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