A Look At The Weekend

What do you do when you wake up at 4am after going to be close to 11pm?  You redeem a Monopoly game piece for a free McGriddle breakfast sandwich at McDonalds and redeem a star reward for a free drink at Starbucks.  Might as well start the day out right eh?

I got called off from my overtime on Sunday (whooohooo) and after staying up way too late I got a call to come in and work overtime today for a sick coworker (boooo).  While I can’t work all day due to prior plans, I am at least here for a few hours.

Shall we back it up to the weekend?


I got off work at 8pm since I was working the late shift.  I swung by the property to see the progress.  I was excited to see the bottom level had been framed.  It is a lot easier to envision it all now.  I can’t wait unit they get the top level framed as well.


I had to finish my tutu for the tutu run and was also able to spend time with my nieces who were staying the night at my parent’s house.  They are so fun.


It was an early wake-up on Saturday morning as Hailey and I had plans to walk the Tutu Run 5K in Nampa.  We loaded up or tutus and met up with my friend Lindsay White before going to the starting line.


Since Emma ended up waking up early as well my Mom decided to she and Emma would come and be our cheering section and wait it out until we were finished.  My sister Katie also met up with us just as we were parking. 


The course was an out-and-back that started at Skyview High School and went onto the greenbelt.  We had a few hills so we got in a good workout.  The only bummer to the course is that you had those running the 5K coming back at you (since we were walking) and then as we made the turnaround then you had the 10K runners and some of the half-marathon runners also coming up behind you.  There were still some of those walking the 5K coming right at you at the same time.  This was all happening on a tiny stretch of the greenbelt with water on one side and houses on the other.  It sure made for tight corners.

We kept our pace at about 18-minute miles and completed our 5K (my watch said closer to 3 miles than the 3.1 miles we were required to walk) in just under one hour.  Both Lindsay and I were sweating but my niece Hailey didn’t even break a sweat.


Hailey had lots of fun so I think we will all sign up for the Fit One 10K in September.


The rest of Saturday was pretty low key.  I actually napped for four hours that afternoon.  In the evening we met up with Mom and Dad in Kuna as they were watching my nieces while Katie went to a graduation party.  After Hailey was picked up by her Dad we went out to pizza with Emma then went to look at our new house.  A huge storm had blown in so it was quite windy and dusty.  We finished up or evening with a trip to Slanted Rock Brewery.  I had a beer flight with two light beers and two dark beers.  It was pretty good.



I was supposed to work overtime on Sunday but got word that I could come in late and perhaps not have to come in at all.  I lounged around watching TV that morning and then got myself ready for work.  I found out that I wasn’t needed so I made a U-turn (via Dutch Bros) and headed back to my parents.  We had a pretty relaxing day mixed with TV watching and some organizing.  Our living situation is feeling a bit cramped so we are trying to get better organized. 

My grandpa and Aunt Gerri came over for dinner and we had a really enjoyable time.  I bought some Guinness and Dad had gotten a growler of beer from Slanted Rock that we all sampled.  Mom and I stayed up late watching Age of Adeline (great movie) on TV before calling it quits about 10:30pm. 

It was really nice to have some downtime this weekend.  I’ve been on the go for several weeks now.  Later this week Dawny comes to town and myself and five girlfriends are headed to Walla Walla, WA for some wine fun.

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