When You Marry A New Mexican

Good Morning.  I am sorry to have left you all hanging for a few days while I was on vacation.  We had limited Wi-Fi access along with busy days.  It is funny to have such busy days and yet feel like you didn’t do a whole lot.

My mother-in-law was released from the hospital Friday afternoon as we were making our way to NM.  Funny story: we had a four hour layover at the Oakland Airport.  When we boarded the plane in Oakland to go to Albuquerque, it was our same flight crew that was on our flight from Boise to Oakland.  They had continued onto Burbank and then came back to Oakland.  We all had a good laugh as we could have just ridden along with them.  There was some really major turbulence on both legs of our flights and we didn’t get a drink service on our first flight.  I even had four free drink coupons waiting to be used.  Don’t worry though; I used two of them on our second flight.  I had to get my money’s worth!

We stayed at my Aunt Barb’s house in Albuquerque although she was in Colorado so we didn’t actually get to see her.  It is nice to have a place to stay when we visit.  We spend most of our vacation days at my in-laws as we usually do.  However, with Ramona not quite back up to speed we mostly spent time helping out where we could and making sure she stayed rested up.  She is beginning to feel better but is still not 100% yet.
The only thing we really did that wasn’t family related was a trip to Santa Fe to visit the Coach Outlet.  I scored a great deal on a new purse so the time spent was worth it.

When in New Mexico, you must eat red and green chile.  Before I met Kenyon I never really had much green chile.  Now it isn’t uncommon to have it on our pizzas and in our morning eggs.  Usually if I make us something to eat, Kenyon’s first comment is, “it could use some green chile.” We got our fill of green chile in just the few days we were there.

Our first stop was Flying Star Café for a green chile and cheddar bagel.  They also have green chile turkey sausage.  I had mine as a sandwich.  Boy did it hit the spot.  I brought some bagels home with us.


Day two was breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  We found out on our last trip that the Cracker Barrel in Albuquerque serves a southwestern sausage as their breakfast meat option.  It is a link sausage filled with green chile and has a bit of a kick to it.  We ended up going there for breakfast twice and brining home two pounds of the sausage.


Finally, when in New Mexico, you must have sopapillias.  We had dinner at Papa Felipe’s where I had a pot pie that was the spiciest dish ever!!  Oh my it was HOT. It was their special and it was a green chile chicken stew backed inside a pie crust made of sopapillias. It was really good but just a bit too hot for my taste buds to really enjoy.  Don’t worry thought, I was still able to enjoy my sopapillias at the end of my meal as my “dessert” drizzled with lots of honey. 


It is always nice to visit family so I am glad we were able to see them.  We were also able to send a little bit of time with our great niece.  She is in a very smiley stage so she smiled a lot at Kenyon.  Such a cutie.

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