Jump Creek, Wine, A Picnic & A Movie

I had made plans to meet up with some girlfriends last Sunday and then thought maybe Mom and I would take in an afternoon movie.  I hadn’t planned that everything with the house move wouldn’t be wrapped up.  Despite feeling overwhelmed, I am glad I didn’t cancel on my friend or my Mom.  We had a great day.

At 10am I met Danielle and Brenda at a coffee shop in Nampa so we could carpool to Jump Creek.  It is a BLM site out in Owhyee County that has a quick and easy hike back to a beautiful water fall.

My friend Jenny Ware met us at Jump Creek along with her son Trace and his friend Nickel.  The boys were just too cute and did well putting up with us “old ladies” for the day.  Trace is going through a survivalist phase so he had a backpack filled with everything we needed to survive.  Each boy had a pocket knife and was on the lookout for snakes.  When they spotted a bull snake they screamed like little girls.  It was hilarious.  Thankfully we made it back to our cars safely and without incident.  I told Trace that next time he needs to remember to pack a bottle of wine.  When you travel with this group…wine is a must for survival.

After Jump Creek we said goodbye to Jenny and the wild boys and headed to St. Chapelle for some wine tasting and a picnic.

We got there just as they opened which was a good time to come.  It was a beautiful day with sunshine and soon many other people joined us with the same idea.  There was a bridal/bachelorette party and several other groups with young beautiful women.  I am very jealous.  It could have been the wine talking through.

After we had our tastings Brenda bought a bottle of Moscato to share.  I only had a small glass since I was the driver.  We sat out on the patio in the sun and enjoyed our picnic.  It was a very enjoyable day.

I needed a nap when I got back to my parent’s house so I laid down for about 30 minutes.  When I woke up it was time to go to a movie with Mom.  I took her to see Mother’s Day for an early Mothers’ Day.  It was fantastic.  We really enjoyed the movie and I highly recommend it.

Grandpa came for dinner.  We also saw him for dinner on Saturday night.  So far there is good eats at my parent’s house.

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S. Galloway said...

I need to hike that trail soon!