Margarita & Mexican Food Day

Happy Cinco de Mayo

(also known as drink margaritas and eat Mexican food day)

Which is exactly what I’ll be doing later today as I’m meeting some girlfriends at Jalapenos in Boise.

Too bad Cinco de Mayo didn’t fall on a Tuesday this year.


I’m feeling pretty rundown and tired after spending time this week to get our old house vacant and cleaned.  I’m looking forward to some time with my gal pals.  The refreshments are just the icing on the cake.  It will be a small group of only about five so we are sure to chat up a storm.  Hopefully my margarita will fuel me through the last of the cleaning at our old house.  Then we will officially be vacant.  Whew.

I will try my best to check in during our long weekend in NM visiting the in-laws as WiFi allows.  We are still without WiFi my parent’s house.  It is amazing how quickly we get attached to our technology.

Happy pre-Friday.  Go out and drink a margarita.

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