Update On The New House Build

Good Morning and Happy Friday.  I am so happy for a day off tomorrow.  I’m exhausted!  I worked an extra 24 hours this week and am on my fifth day.  Thankfully it is only a 10-hour shift and I get to spend time with Kenyon tonight and tomorrow.  I only work a 4-hour overtime shift on Sunday.  Hallelujah.

We swung by the house last night after Emma’s pre-school graduation.  Katie and the girls stopped by as well.  They have started to put in the electrical outlets so we spent a good amount of time looking over the rooms, etc.  We spotted a couple of mistakes and have contacted our realtor team.  We got a quick reply from Christina that it will be looked into.  That was nice.  Since we don’t really know what is scheduled to happen when during the building process, we knew that if we didn’t say something soon it could create an even bigger mess.  I wanted an under eve outlet for the patio area and the outlet has been put in at the back of the house by the garage.  Kenyon also wasn’t really happy with how all the wiring was strung and would like a larger box for where all the end of the cords rest.  It is all crammed into a really small box.  We will wait to see what comes back from the building side hopefully later today.  We are also going to swing by later tonight and look a little more closely with our plans in hand.

One other thing we noticed, which isn’t an issue, is that they moved the location of the air conditioner compressor as per our original plans.  It would have been nice to have a heads up as to why it got moved.  However, I do like the new location.  We will see how things progress.

Here are some photos.

Side of house with the start of the covered patio

Looking in from the garage

Looking from the living room to the dining room.  Window looking out to the patio.

Where the island will sit looking into the kitchen.

Looking into at the bonus room towards the stairs.

Taken from the front corner of the house in the master bedroom.  Looking at the door out of the room on the right and the door into the master bathroom on the left.

I'm really happy with this roof line and front patio.

Patio cover is complete.

View looking out the master bedroom.

Another view looking out the master bedroom.  Eventually there will be an elementary school in that green pasture.

Outer garage view.

Looking at the covered patio from the rear of the house.

The framing looks to be fully done.  There still isn’t enclosed walls on the interior of the upstairs yet.  Here soon we should see the insulation and sheet rock go up.  From that point we are expected to get a better estimate on closing dates.  Our neighbor’s house looks pretty close to finished.  She said her closing date was July 19th but I’m thinking it will be sooner than that.  Exciting stuff.

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