Birthday Celebration And Seeing Old Friends

Thanks for letting me unload my thoughts yesterday.  It always feels good to let it all out because then you can see a clearer plan of action.

Onto other less negative topics:

We celebrated Hailey’s 12th Birthday last night and tonight we will celebrate Emma’s graduation from pre-school.  Lots of enjoyable family time on the horizon.

I had to work a 12-hour shift yesterday so once 6pm rolled around, I was looking forward to family time.  I met up with my entire family at Idaho Pizza Company in Kuna for Hailey’s birthday.  While they waited for pizza, Hailey opened her presents.  I am not sure what all she got but she was super excited for the Polaroid camera her other grandmother gave her.  She had been wanting one and talking about it a lot.  My sister Katie says it is that phase of wanting instant gratification and not willing to wait for photos to be developed.  Hailey told me to be careful and not to push the button that takes the photo.  I asked how much the film was and Katie said it was $20 for a box of 10 photos.  What?  Wow.  That is some spendy instant gratification.  It was a cute purple camera and came in a cute purple case.  (Maybe I’ll get one.  Ha!)

After pizza we had cake and wished the birthday girl another happy year.


I also snapped a few photos with Emma.  That kid is WILD.  But dang she is cute.  She requested to sit by me at the pizza place.  Finally!  Emma has really been enjoying being in the presence of Kenyon lately but maybe I am now more popular than Kenyon?  Time will tell.


After the celebration (and pizza) we went by the property to check out the new house.  They are really close to being done with the framing and we even saw some piping was put in yesterday along with windows.  I’ll share some photos with you all tomorrow.

Lastly, we met up with some friends from high school that have moved away.  Allyson lives in Oregon and Maria lives in Illinois.  We got together about six years ago when Allyson had just found out she was pregnant with her daughter.  When we got together for our photo I had asked Kenyon to take it a little bit closer.  Allyson’s daughter Cassie got in front of us to smile for the camera not knowing she had been cut out of the photo.  So we took another photo to include her.  She is adorable.
Allyson, Maria, and Me


It was a late night and an early morning.  I’m working another 12-hour shift today and then I’m off to Emma’s graduation.  I still have Friday to go.  I am very ready for the weekend! 

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