Girls Weekend In Walla Walla, WA - Day One

We had so much fun on our Girls Weekend to Walla Walla, WA that I never had a moment of downtime to type up a blog and share our fun.  So, I’ll be sharing it with you now over two blog posts.  Be prepared for some photo fuuuuuun.

Friday morning I took Dawny out to breakfast at The Orchard House before we picked up Phoenix.  It was so enjoyable having Dawny along for our Girls Weekend.  I am so glad she joined us.


Once Phoenix was on board, we met Danielle and Kate in Nampa so we could head westward to Walla Walla.  I had wanted to have a super fun trip with my girlfriends for a while now and Walla Walla seemed like an easy enough trek as it is only four hours away.  My friend Brenda had planned to join us but she had to make a last minute trip to Chile to be with her family.  We missed her.

We decided to stop at the Wildhourse Resort & Casino in Pendleton, OR for some lunch and penny slots.  We were celebrating Phoenix’s one month of divorce anniversary so I bought her a margarita to celebrate.  After lunch we hit up some slots and both Dawny and I ended up winning about $30 each.  Not a bad way to start vacation.


We finished the drive to Walla Walla and found our rental house for the weekend.  I decided to try Air B&B for the first time and we all went in on a house with several bedrooms/beds.  It turned out our host was out of town for the weekend as well so we had the whole place to ourselves.  We really loved the close location to downtown (about seven minutes) and the house was located in a nice neighborhood.  I didn’t think our bed was comfortable and we had one bathroom for five women.  Also there was a very loud party going on at the house behind us our second night so it was really hard to sleep.  All in all, I would consider an Air B&B again for future travel.

We arrived in Walla Walla around 4pm, which didn’t leave us much time to do much wine tasting.  There are a few wineries that were open later than 5pm and most had live music after hours.  Our first stop was Plumb Cellars where we shared a wine slushy.  It was basically a sangria mix that was frozen and it was delicious.  I think that was the highlight of the trip!


We spotted a guy walking on the street and asked him where we should go for some fun in this small sleepy town.  He suggested trying out Public House 124 so that is where we headed next.


We had the best waiter and had tons of fun drinking beer, sharing a few appetizers, and basically being rowdy.  Phoenix had told the waiter it was her one month divorce anniversary.  We laughed thinking we should have made her a sash and tiara like you see women do when they are having a bachelorette party.  A short time later he brought her a celebratory shot.  It was hilarious.


Upon the recommendation of the waiter, we moved onto Mill Creek Brew Pub.  This was another highlight of the trip as they had the best porter of the trip.


We decided not to order any additional food and instead explore other choices.  I found a Mexican restaurant on Yelp that was cheep but the group we talked to on the street said the wait was long and suggested a pizza place.  We walked to the Mexican restaurant and found that even if we ordered to-go and took our food back to our rental house, that it would still take over an hour.  So we headed to a nearby Safeway and picked up a smorgasbord of mix and match food for our dinner.  After filling our bellies, drinking a few more adult beverages, and chatting for a little while, we called it a night.

So far our girls weekend was off to a great start.

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