Update On The House(s) - Pictures Included

I think I owe you a house update!  They officially started on our new house two weeks ago (cue the fireworks).


While we saw quite a bit of progress rather quickly, it seems to have stalled as of late.  We are thinking that the crew in charge of pouring the cement and foundation were free to start on our house where as the crew that does the framework is not.  It looks as if they are making a lot of progress on our neighbor’s house so we are hoping that we will soon follow.  Regardless, it is exciting to see the progress.


As of yesterday they have poured the cement for the stairs, patio, and driveway.  It doesn’t appear there has been any chance since Saturday.  We had a huge storm come through while we were in NM so I am glad to know that it didn’t affect the progress.  Thankfully we didn’t have any wood up yet and it doesn’t appear that it did any damage to the recently poured concrete.  So that is a relief.


I’ve been taking a photo from the same angle so in the end I can do a time lapse photo.  I’ll get better photos of more of the build job once it resembles an actual house.  We got an email saying they are expected to have the walls up by the end of the month (just an estimate at this time) and once that is complete they can zone in on a better idea of a completion date.  It is crazy to think in another two and a half weeks we could see a fully standing house.  Of course there is still all the little details inside that will have to develop so we won’t be moving in anytime soon.

As far as an update on our existing house, we were set to sign the paperwork today and close on Friday but I think that is going to have to be pushed back.  There was a snag with the buyer’s employment verification and while it has been corrected, the lender still is allowed three days for the paperwork.  Since the weekend is approaching, we should be able to sign the paperwork and close on Tuesday and perhaps on Thursday at the latest.  So, we are in a bit of limbo.

I was also worried about our existing house after seeing Facebook posts of photos and video after that massive storm on Saturday.  We were relieved to see there were no issues with our existing house nor our storage shed. 

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