Saturday Activity & Eats

Good Sunday Morning to you all.  I wish I could have stayed in bed this morning instead of waking up at 4:30am.  I stayed up entirely too late watching TV last night.  However, I am almost done with my four hour overtime shift so that wasn’t too painful.  I love getting my OT out of the way early.  My coworker switched with me so I can attend a high school graduation later today.

I had a really nice Saturday.  It was my only day off with Kenyon and we had planned a date nite dinner at Tucanos.  Since Kenyon was sleeping during the day I met up with Mark and took in the Farmer’s Market.

Mark and I met at Flying M for some coffee.  I hadn’t had a chance to eat breakfast because I slept in a little bit late (I also stayed up late watching TV on Friday night) so I had planned to grab something downtown.  Mark requested Guru Donuts so we headed there next. 


I got the non-chocolate donut.  It was some sort of vanilla bean with flax and almonds.  It was good.  I had also been eyeing the maple bars that looked huge.  For $2.50 per donut, you gotta get your money’s worth.  I didn’t have that usual yucky fried feeling after I ate the donut.  They must be prepared differently?  It was quite tasty.

We weren’t on the lookout for anything in particular and mostly were just out walking around and catching up on the last month or so of gossip since I’ve seen him.  We ended up making a loop through both markets and into the wine shop where my brother works to use the bathroom.  I grabbed a couple items from Trader Joe’s as we made our way back to Flying M.  Mark still had some time before he had to go home and change for an afternoon wedding so we chatted outside of Flying M for a while.  By the time I said my goodbye we had walked over 6,000 steps 2.5 miles.

I was hungry and had planned to eat lunch downtown at Zeppole.  I love their sandwiches made on the village loaf.  I had my usual ham and swiss with pesto mayo and a bowl of tomato basil with ravioli on the side.  It really hit the spot.  I ventured to their tent at the market and got a half of a village loaf to take home.  I’m looking forward to mixing my own pesto mayo and having some ham and swiss sandwiches this week at work.  Mmmmmm…..I’m already craving it again.

My extra walk back downtown meant I logged some good activity yesterday.  WhoooHoooo.


I headed home for a nap with Kenyon, who was still sleeping.  We finally drug our lazy selves out of bed and headed to Tucanos for our dinner.  We wanted to celebrate the night we signed on our house but the date got changed and we had to work.  We had some leftover gift card money from their Christmas promotion so our dinner was almost free.  Even better!  We made reservations in advance and heard the wait was one hour.  Thank goodness for calling ahead.  The food was excellent and the meat servers were really awesome.  Since it was so busy the meat service was quick and we were in and out in less than an hour.  Yes, we are fast eaters!

We headed home to veg for the rest of the night.  It was nice to have time with Kenyon even if we were both just watching our individual shows.  I got sucked into Chicago PD hence the late night bedtime.

I’m out outta here.  See you later.


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