I felt the title of my blog post should be in all caps because it is rather exciting to not have a gain at the scale.  I feel I had a successful week and while a loss would have been nice I consider my maintain a win.  When I looked back at my WI booklet I saw that the last time I registered a loss was the week of January 30th.  So to not have a gain after 14 weeks is a huge win.


Now, the key is to take the maintain I just received and keep chipping away at the big block.  We head to NM for vacation on Friday and will return home on Tuesday.  I am already prepping myself to stay mindful while on vacation and to continue to resist sweets.  I also want to recognize boredom eating and not fall a victim to it.  I’m hoping we can get in some activity as well.  I often feel cooped up when I am at my in-laws all day.  So maybe I can convince Kenyon to get out and walk with me.  The location where my aunt lives is close walking distance to my favorite coffee shop that serves a wonderful breakfast.  There is also a Starbucks nearby.  I’m going to make a plan to walk anywhere we can that is close by as long as time permits.

I know the one thing that made last week successful was to keep the sweet tooth in check.  When we moved over to my parent’s house on Saturday it became harder to resist the sweets as dessert was offered at both Saturday and Sunday dinner.  I went back to my WW basics and just had a tiny sliver of dessert.  On Monday night when dessert was offered again (do you see a pattern here??) I opted out and just had a bite of Kenyon’s.  Our new living situation is going to be a challenge.  I typically keep really good control of my environment and those temptations aren’t around.  That won’t be the case for the next several months.  I have to make up my mind now that I will do my very best to not engage unless I feel it is worth it.

Eating meals in vs. out also helped.  I wasn’t meticulous in my tracking last week but I did write down all I ate.  Since moving I have not been to the grocery store so I have been making do with leftovers or stuff that Mom has on hand.  I will get a better plan in place when we return from vacation.  I also need to start gathering up leftovers so that I have quick and easy meals for the workweek.

My newly washed slacks felt less tight and sometimes my wedding ring isn’t as tight.  I need to cling to this when temptations loom.

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