Social Time With Friends And Other Stuff

Happy Hump Day!  I just have to get through my 10-hour shift and then I get tomorrow off.  WhoooHooo!  Kenyon and I have booked a massage tomorrow afternoon and I’m getting the hot stone added to mine.  Hello relaxation and time with my hubby.  I am super excited.

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week is well under way.  The administration staff cooked up hamburgers and hot dogs on Monday and they will be here cooking again today as it is a different crew on.  I worked Monday and am working overtime today so, I get two days of food.  Heck ya!

On Monday my Apple Watch switches over for the week after giving me the summary of the prior week.  I have set a goal to complete all three of my Apple Watch circles each day.

  • Burn 350 active calories
  • Exercise for 30 minutes
  • Stand for some part of each hour for a total of 12 hours

So far Monday and Tuesday went well.  I walked on the treadmill at work Monday (45 minutes total) and made an appearance at Curves yesterday. 


It was a busy day at work yesterday as I was working a grant shift for our Commercial Vehicle Specialists.  I think I only stood up twice in that 5.5 hour shift.  Thankfully I was able to still get in 12 hours since I was awake until 8pm.  Whew.


It has been a social-outing week so far as I had plans to meet friends on Monday evening at The Counter in The Village.  They have a deal where you get a flight of four mini beers and four mini burgers all for $13.  I wasn’t super impressed with The Counter but I did end up liking two of my mini beers. 


My beer picks were McCall Lemon Ginger (really good), Boise Brewing Co Snowboarder Porter (sooooo good), Odell Brewing Company 90 Shillings Ale, and a Honey Blonde Ale but I don’t remember from what brewery. 

The four mini burgers were pre-selected for you.  I shared mine with Kate and forgot to snap a photo so Danielle let me snap a photo of hers (she ate one already).

I had a lunch date with my friend Jenny yesterday but then she cancelled.  I ended up getting an invite for drinks with my friend Brenda, whom I have recently reconnected with.  We met at Kona Grill in The Village and ended up with a seat at the bar.  I like watching the bartenders make drinks.  It is so much fun.  They have a great happy hour menu but the prices are a bit steep.  I decided to be adventurous and try the Sake Sangria: gekkeikan sake, fresh squeezed fruit, and seaglass gruet brut sparking.  It was only okay as it could have been sweeter. 


Brenda and I shared a margarita flatbed, which was really good.  Kenyon decided to join us when he got off work.  He ordered some spinach and artichoke dip and avocado egg rolls.  The flatbread was really good so we also ordered a pepperoni one to share.  Despite my better judgment I gave in to the tipsy feeling and ordered a Sam Adams seasonal beer which was the Summer Ale.  It was nice, light, and refreshing.


I met Kenyon for lunch yesterday after Curves and we went to Mongolian BBQ.  I haven’t been in a while and it really hit the spot.  Sadly Kenyon added curry to his bowl by mistake and his was horrible.  Poor guy.


The social outings continue today when I meet Phoenix at 6pm for margaritas.  This isn’t helping my weight loss efforts but I sure am enjoying the time with my friends.

Happy Wednesday!

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