Dierks Bently Friday Night

I had really great days off last week that I was not ready to return to work today.  I am on for the next five days and then Dawny comes into town on Friday for some girl time and friend fun.  Yeah!

On Friday night, Phoenix and I went to the Dierks Bentley concert at the Taco Bell Arena.  I saw Dierks when he came to Boise a few years ago and still think he puts on a fantastic concert!  We had a lot of fun.

We got to the Boise State Campus (where the Taco Bell arena is located) early and went in search of something to eat.  Since we were on a collage campus, we knew we wouldn’t be able to start our pre-party with liquid calories so actual food would have to suffice.  I am glad we did as I know drinking on an empty stomach is a bad sign!  I’ve not been in the Student Union building at BSU for quite some time and it has changed a lot.  But it sure does bring back really good memories of my college years.  We found a Mexican place and shared a giant burrito.  We also found a bathroom with free feminine products.  When I was in college they gave out free condoms by the handfuls.  At this stage in my life, I’d be happy for free pads and tampons.


Since we were in the bathroom, we took a mirror selfie.  Well hello good lookin’ gals.

Once fully satisfied and now able to get into the arena, we headed that way.  We had no trouble getting into the arena and finding our seats so we used our extra time to buy a really large beer.  It was only Coors Light or Bud Light…yuck!  Even though I have turned into a beer snob...when in Rome.  At one of the intermissions we got a second beer and we happened to find better tasting beer selections a few floors up.  I was stoked for a Blue Moon until the darn keg ran out.  It was seriously not my night!  I settled for a dark beer from Crooked Fence that wasn’t really great but better than Bud Light and Coors Light.

First up was Tucker Beathard.  He isn’t really well known but put on a good show.


Second up was Cam.  Can I just say how adorable she is.  I knew two of her songs but we were still in line for the bathroom and beer when she was onstage so we missed some of her show.


Third up was Randy Houser.  I think we can all agree he needs some substance abuse counseling.  I know this sounds really bad coming from somebody that just told you I had two huge beers.  Seriously though, I am not sure he could fully open his eyes.  He does give a good show and sweats a lot.  Phoenix was saying how she could fall in love with his deep voice and we agreed that was the case despite he was wearing very tiny pants. 


Finally it was time for the main act and Dierks Bentley took the stage at 9:30pm.  At this point we had been in the concert venue for three hours.  He entertained us for a full 1.5 hours so I guess we can forgive him.  And, he is adorable. 


Dierks is fantastic on stage and has so much energy.  He engages the audience and even brought somebody on stage to take a shot of alcohol with him. 


He came out to the back of the crowd and engaged those that were seated on next level up.  He took people’s cell phones and took photos and shared letters people in the audience passed on stage.  He is just amazing.  If you ever get a chance to go to his concert, you have to go. 


He finished with “Drunk On A Plane” and came out in the actual front of a plane.  He was joined on stage by the opening acts.  It was a really awesome finale.


After the concert we went to The Curb (beer for Phoenix and Coke Zero and water for me) and called it quits just after midnight.  I had an early day on Saturday at the Silver City Open House.  I’ll catch you up on that soon.

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