Celebrating Phoenix

This morning is a two-coffee-type-of-morning. 


I was out late last night.  And by late I mean 9pm.  My WW leader was sharing with us a story about being out late with her husband and trying to figure out what to eat that was quick and easy.  She laughed when she said “being out late was really just until 8:30pm.”  Boy…late sure has a different meaning the older you get.  And I know at almost 37 years of age, I still have a lot of living to do.  But, when you wake up at 4am for work, 9pm is a pretty late bedtime.  Hello Dayshift!

Why was I out “late”?  Because I was celebrating with this pretty lady.


Phoenix turned 36 on Friday.  We celebrated with a small group of mostly my friends (now our friends) on Thursday at The Local and then with a small group of mostly her friends (and now some of our friends) at Bodovino in The Village.  The Local was a pretty great spot.  It was small and intimate and had fun décor.  They also have Trivial Pursuit cards on each table if you and your friends wants to engage in some trivia.


I ordered the Mango Moscato for my first drink and then a glass of Riesling for my second drink.  Drink prices were pretty good and Happy Hour has $2 of wine and $1 off beer.  They have a pretty large wine list.  I enjoyed the Moscato a lot.  I also ordered a cheese plate on their Happy Hour menu.  It was a smaller plate with just two cheeses.  I chose goat cheese rolled in pistachios and some smoked Gouda.  I love cheese plates.


Bodovino at The Village is a lot different the Bodovino Downtown.  The wine selection is much smaller and The Village actually serves more of a sit down dinner whereas Downtown serves more smaller plates and appetizers.  I was actually hoping to have one of their flatbreads but The Village doesn’t serve them so that was a bummer.  The food was good but is pretty expensive for the small portions they give you.  Since Kenyon and I were sharing dishes, I had wanted the portions to be larger.  But if it was just you, then the portions would be just right.  We ended up ordering more food as we were still hungry.  The food service was very slow and the overall service was also a bit slow.  They have only been open a week though so they are still working out the kinks.  I’m not sure we will be back to that specific location.  I think we will stick to Downtown next time.  In addition to the food I had went for beer instead of wine.  The Summer Shandy was really great and it hit the spot.


It was a really fun time and makes me really glad I am back on dayshift at work so I can enjoy evenings with friends.  It did make me wish I had weekends off through.  It would have been nice to stay out longer and mingle. 

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