Bistro Southwestern Salads Found At Costco

I am back to work today after having the last 13 days off.  It was really nice to have time off to get unpacked/settled and I am so glad we were both able to take time off.  Kenyon still has today and Saturday off.  I’m super jealous as it was difficult to wake up at 5am this morning.  I am not quite in the swing of things again.  Also, I am working Friday – Monday for the next six weeks so while everybody else is rejoicing it’s their Friday, I’m cursing as it is my Monday.  Such is life and onward we go.  I could use some more coffee though.

I am dragging my feet at getting back on track.  I feel really positive and energized when I am on track so don’t freight…I’ll get there again.  I think we are just still feeling a bit unorganized and I’ve also been feeling lazy when it comes to actually meal planning and going to the grocery store.  Good news is that Kenyon picked me up some salads are Costco and we met for a shopping trip to Walmart last night.  So while my meal plan is very weak (not sure what dinner will be), I at least have some healthy breakfast, snack, and lunch.  And now that I am on day shift I can actually go to the store after work.  We really need to cut back on our spending and obviously, I’ll find myself with another gain if I keep eating out so much.  And…being on track just feels really good.

The salads I had Kenyon get at Costco was some I tried in a demo and really enjoyed.  I love the Southwestern salad at McDonalds and this tastes a lot like that.  I do feel it could have more chicken and I bought some extra salad to bulk it up a bit.  I think I might also cook up extra chicken to add in the future.


Bed of crisp romaine lettuce, white meat chicken, roasted corn, Monterey Jack-Colby cheese with tortilla chips and salsa ranch dressing. 


The salad brand name is Bistro and is 8 SPV.  Obviously I could make a salad for that same amount of points or even less points.  And there is plenty I could take off this salad to bring the points down.  But when you look at strictly convince, I am all on board for this salad.  It is $9.99 for a four pack of salads which is a great deal when you consider how much eating out costs these days.  None the less, it works in a pinch when you are too lazy to meal plan!


Lisa said...

I love this salad... I eat it for lunch pretty much every work day. Just like you I like it because its convenient. I buy mine at Walmart. I've been counting mine as 10 SPs because that's what I found in the tracker. I pulled out my salad and it had different nutritional values then yours (280 c, 4 sat. fat, 4 s, 11 p) and when I ran mine through the WW calculator it said 9 SPs. Same size and everything. Kind of weird but I am happy to know it is at least one less SP than I thought it was!

Lindsay said...


I am so glad you re-calculated the points and can now save one. That is really funny the same product has different NI.