The Condition Of My Closet

I had made a pretty hefty goal for myself when we packed up our house to sell back in March.  Despite gaining a ton of weight over the last few years, I was hopeful I could lose enough weight to fit into my size 14 clothing.  As I was boxing up my closet I told myself that if I couldn’t fit into the clothes when it came time to unpack them that they had to go.  Well…they don’t fit and sadly, I am not ready to part with all my cute clothes.

Obviously, I didn’t get back on track with my WW program and my weight loss quick enough to expect my size 14 clothes to fit.  While I am happy I re-committed 8-weeks ago, it hasn’t been nearly enough to even get my size 16 jeans to fit comfortably.  It was silly to think I could lose so much weight in such a short period of time.  When I unboxed my clothing and hung it in my closet, I came to two realizations: 

1) Over half my closet doesn’t fit

 2) I am running out of hangers

As I was standing in my closet looking at all my size 14 clothing, I silently cried.  Why did I let myself get fat again? 

The truth is that I am just not ready to part with these clothes.  I want to keep moving forward in the re-commitment to myself and my WW program.  I need my size 16 jeans to fit better as fall approaches.  I want to work hard to lose weight so I can wear all these cute clothes again and I want to get healthy again.  This house move really took a toll on my body and it is a constant reminder that I feel better when I’m not lugging around so much excess weight.

The decision I came to was to box up the clothes and put the box in the top of my closet until next summer as it is mostly summer clothing along with some of my dressier attire.  This gives me a year to work on losing weight, which is more realistic than just a few months.  If by next summer I still can’t fit into the clothes, the whole box goes to the donation center.  Kenyon would like to be small enough to fit into his Scotty Vest before our trip to New York City and our New England coast cruise so we really want to work on this together.  The hard part is we both can talk the other one out of healthy eating pretty easily.  It is nice having a partner though and since we are back in our own space, eating healthy is in our control.


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