Week One Complete: Smart Points And Tracking

I decided to start my WW week on a Sunday last week so I just completed a full week of using the new Smart Points program and tracking my food.  I went over everyday but one day.  I ended up eating all 42 of my Weekly Smarts Points Allowance and still ended up going over landing in the negative by 40 points.  I logged 34 Activity Points and while you aren’t supposed to be exchanging your points for food, I really only ended up in the negative by 6 points.

I ate out at least once a day up until I returned to work Friday and Saturday.  I learned quickly that eating out sucks your points up pretty fast.  But, as you all know, I love eating out.  And living at my parent’s house has made eating out even that much more convenient.  After a week of tracking though I see how important it is to limit those weekly splurges.

I only had a treat once this week.  I had a tiny ice cream cone at Sizzler on Wednesday.  Other than that I had fruit or some fat-free-sugar-free pudding made with 1% milk.  I have about two coffee shop splurges a day and that tends to add up quick.  I’m not ready to give up my coffee shop coffee though.

Here was the breakdown of my week.

Sunday: 65 points consumed

Monday: 47 points consumed

Tuesday: 49 points consumed

Wednesday: 76 points consumed

Thursday: 39 points consumed

Friday: 44 points consumed

Saturday: 45 points consumed

Wednesday was an exceptionally large day because Kenyon and I met for breakfast early in the morning and instead of tacking it onto Tuesday I started my Wednesday tracking with it.  In the wee hours of Thursday morning after I’d watched TV all evening, I had a craving for a hamburger.  Kenyon and I went to Sonic for a morning burger.  I looked up the points ahead of time and while I wanted to regular size cheeseburger, I got the junior size.  And I wanted to order an ice cream but didn’t.  So while my total day was 76 points, I felt no guilt and was happy about my decisions.

On my way home from work early Saturday morning, I picked up a Sonic breakfast toaster for Kenyon at home.  Something of the breakfast variety sounded so good but I knew the points for their food is very high.  And, if I am going to see results I need to be more stringent with myself.  Since I knew I wasn’t really starving I figured I just wanted one because it sounded good.  So the compromise was to just have a bite of Kenyon’s sandwich.  I also got myself a Coke Zero because I knew I wanted “something” and that was at least zero points.

I exercised everyday this week.  I am also very proud of that.  I earned an award on my Apple Watch.  I love to be rewarded for my positive behavior.

I’ll do my WI this evening before I head to work on overtime.  I had a get-together with friends (BEER) last night.  It was a new week so all new Weekly Smart Points Allowance.

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