Update On New Build: Meeting With Our Realtor Team

Our meeting with Christina, our realtor, and Tracie, our buyer’s agent, at the new house this evening went pretty good.  Based on experience, Christina is confident that once the last few days before the house is finished, CBH will bring out a crew of many to fix any last minute items.  While she is sure this will be the case, she is also hesitant to tell us not to worry about any of it.  So, we went over the list of items we have seen so far and Tracie will address a few bigger items with CBH and also our inspector for our meeting with him next week. 

We had our appraisal and the number looks good.  I think that made us feel a little better.  Overall, we are still very anxious for our new home to be completed so we can move in and get back to our own space.  We also locked in our interest rate of 3.75% and was able to see the final number for down payment, closing costs, and monthly mortgage.  All the number also look good.

We are almost in the homestretch.  Our house is scheduled to be completed in just one more week.  We still have to wait for closing but we are getting closer.

They have broke ground on building five more alley load homes in our community.  When we started this whole process the first part of February, there was one alley load completed and a second one in the build process.  Since then, seven more alley load houses have been built.  We are going to be the last of our group of seven to move in.  I sort of feel like I’m late to a party!  Waiting really is the hardest part.

I’ll let you know how the inspection goes next week.

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