Checking In On My Week Of Tracking

It has been a good week for tracking and activity. Basically I'm actually doing the WW program. It feels like of like being a new member again. I'm sort of eating this and that and checking the points as I go. Obviously the Smart Points program is designed to gear you towards those lower calorie whole foods also knowns as Power Foods. Eating out zaps your points quite rapidly and things that used to feel “affordable” now cost a few extra points. I've gone over my Daily Smart Points Allowance (DSPA) each day this week and as of yesterday I wiped out all of my Weekly Smart Points Allowance (WSPA). I am now in the negative as far as my points go for the week.

Regardless, it has been really helpful to get back to tracking as it does sway my food decision making and helps me evaluate if I really want a food. Even if I knew I was going to go over my points for the day it was still important that I tracked it all.

Side note: As I write this I am drinking my Parsley Tea. It really tasted badly. I am not sure I can keep this up for the rest of the week. Ugh.

I've been on an activity streak since Sunday. My Apple Watch activity tracker changes over each Monday so it is nice to be working towards a goal since the start of the week.

Sunday: 55 minutes on the treadmill at work

Monday: 1.3 mile walk outside
Tuesday: Curves circuit workout
Wednesday: 37 minutes on the treadmill at work. I did the first 30 minutes at a 3.1 mile pace
Thursday: 1.3 mile walk outside with Kenyon

I'm planning to keep my streak going with a circuit workout at Curves tomorrow. I'm not sure yet on Saturday and I have Sunday off work. So I'll need to make sure I get in some activity somehow/somewhere so I can finish my week strong.

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