Fun-Friend-Filled Days Off

Happy-Almost-Friday to most of the world.  I, however, am starting my work week today and I am on through Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  It is going to be a very long week.  One benefit to working OT today is that I’ll get a nice paycheck with overtime pay, holiday pay, and comp time pay.  Yahoo.

I enjoyed my two days off this week.  Tuesday I went to the Meridian WW center to at least get my WI on the books even though I didn’t stay for the meeting.  I was down 0.8.   Sweet!  I looked back in my weight record book and I have not had a lost since the week of January 30th.  It makes me feel really good and energized.  However, I did have a little fun on my day off with food and alcohol.

After my WI I met Phoenix for pizza buffet at Flying Pie Pizza.  Every Tuesday evening they have their gourmet night where they serve different kinds of pizza.  My favorite is the Xena Warrior Princess: mix of alfredo and pesto sauce, topped with mozzarella, mushrooms, black olives, roasted red peppers, cream cheese, and fresh garlic.  I think what I love most is the globs of cream cheese.  It is delicious.  Gourmet night includes the pizza and salad buffet for around $8.  It is a great deal.  I hate two trips to the salad bar and three and a half slices of pizza (Phoenix didn’t like her Xena Warrior Princess slice).  We also enjoyed a beer as Phoenix said she had been “adult-ing” all day and needed a drink.  Ha! 

While I was on my way to meet Phoenix, my friend Brenda asked if I was busy and wanted to come over for strawberry margaritas.  Since Kenyon was working and I had no plans, why not.  Phoenix and I headed over there to enjoy a few more adult beverages.  Brenda is quite the host with her drink display.


She made these with frozen strawberries, tequila, sweetener, ice, and water.  So they weren’t overly sweet or packed with sugar like most margaritas.  It was delicious and we enjoyed our drinks on her patio.


Finally, I met up with Kenyon around midnight for a late bite to eat as he was at work.  Our choices are limited late at night so we ended up at IHOP.

On Wednesday Kenyon and I got the key from CBH to look around the house.  I am so excited to share the updates with you.  It looks awesome.  We do have a slight snag, which could bit major.  We are waiting to hear back from our realtor who is talking to CBH.  After looking at the house and measuring the windows for blinds we went to Lowes to look at appliances.  I got a text from Phoenix asking if I wanted to come over for a visit so we headed to her apartment after.  It was a fun-filled-friend days off.

Kenyon and I hit up the grocery store and then hung out for the remainder of the evening.  I re-did my Jamberry nails.  This wrap isn’t as bright and colorful despite the spring flower-like design.  It pretty much blends with my white skin tone.  I’ll leave it for at least a week and perhaps change them out to something more colorful and fun.  I’m getting pretty good at the application process.

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