The Ordinary, Mundane & Routine

As I was filling my water bottle before leaving the house to workout at Curves, my Dad asked me what I had going on the rest of the day.  I told him I was headed to Curves and then to work but that Kenyon was off work.  He said, “You are working again?”

Work has been my life lately.  And while I’m usually all in for the overtime and the extra money, it gets exhausting and even I start to feel the dread of getting up to go into work…again.

We are currently down eight dispatchers.  It was like this last summer with several people, myself included, jumped ship.  Since I returned to ISP six months ago, we have only managed to hire and train one person.  There were two people in training when I returned but they both ended up decided dispatch wasn’t for them (I know that feeling).  We have one in training and one that starts on the 27th.  It appears we are having difficulty finding people that can pass our background check.  Of the six people that were offered a job, only one pass the background.  Oy.  If we can’t get people in the door we are in big trouble.

So, while we wait for more employees most of the rest of us here are working an extra ten hour shift each week.  Some even work two extra ten hour shifts.  There are people working a six-day stretch, seven-day stretch, and even an eight-day stretch.  So you can see why it feels exhausting.

While I was at Curves I was chatting with the gal working yesterday.  She asked what I did for work and I told her State Police dispatch.  She thanked me for my service.  I can’t say that I feel fulfillment in my job.  Perhaps that is why I had made the change to Nampa PD last year.  I was just looking for something different.  I was looking to escape the mundane.  Obviously my paycheck affords us certain luxuries so I’ll continue to stick around.

I think I’m also feeling a bit down because we haven’t been on any type of an extended vacation for a long time now.  We had to push back travel a year ago when I switched jobs.  Then I switched back.  Then we bought/built a house and had to push back our upcoming cruise this September to next September.  I will be taking 13 days off at the end of August/first of September.  I am so very ready for some time off.

I spotted this on FB just before I went to write this post. 


I guess I’m in the ordinary, mundane, and routine part of life right now.

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S. Galloway said...

I understand girl!!! The OT has been horrible and with no end in sight. I feel like it has broken me. Come on vacation!! :)