An Example How I Combat Eating Out

I just came from a MS talk at Kona Grill before work.  Oh my gosh!!!  Talk about a points bomb!  I swear the Caesar side salad was half the points of the entrée.  Eating out sure can blow through your points quickly.  However, I've been off setting the rest of my meals and using my weekly points sparingly.  I should have taken a photo of my yummy entrée, which I only ate half of once I saw the chicken was breaded and pan fired.  But boy was it delicious!

I documented a meal out from last week.  I took a photo of my plate after I’d eaten and thought it might be a fun blogpost to show you what it looks like when I’m actually counting points and we go out to eat.  Here is my "empty" plate.


Please note: I didn’t have many points left for the day and I was in the negative for my weekly points.  I already knew ahead of time I would be order the club sandwich.  I love a good club sandwich.

I only substitution I made at the beginning of my order was to hold the tomato and sub a side salad for the fries or tots.  Here were some modifications I made so I could shave off some points.

·        I always take out the middle slice of bread in a club sandwich.  I figure that is an easy way to shave off points.  I looked up the SP for the Texas toast, cheese, bacon, and mayo before my food arrived.  It is 3 SPV for one slice or 7 SPV for two slices.  Since I was low on points I decided to double up on my meat and only eat one complete slice of bread.  Kenyon didn’t mind all my leftover bread pieces. – 3 SPV

·        Since I was doubling up on the meat, I ate all of the turkey breast and it is 1 SPV for 2 ounces – 1 SPV

·        The SPV for the Tillamook cheddar cheese is 4 SPV for 1 oz (it was a pretty thin slice of cheese).   I took out the slice of cheese from two of my four quarters.  This way I only ate half a slice of cheese. – 2 SPV

·        The SPV for three slices of bacon cooked crisp is 5 SPV.  I took some bacon off and gave it to Kenyon so that cut down on my points consumed.  Best guess is I ate at least 1.5 slices of bacon.  It was hard to estimate since it was cut up into smaller pieces. – 2 SPV

·        Mayo is 3 SPV for 1 Tbsp.  There wasn’t a large amount on it and I had cut down the amount of mayo I ate due to eating less bread with mayo on it. – 2 SPV

I ended up counting a total of 10 SPV for my club sandwich.

I gave Kenyon the croutons off my salad and dipped my fork in my ranch. – 2 SPV

12 SPV is a reasonable meal for eating out, even though it is on the high side.  I ended up going into the negative for the day by 10 SPV.  I had been to Curves earlier in the day and earned 5 Fit Points for my activity.

This is just one example of how I combat eating out as it is something I really love to do.  There are many ways to make this even less points and obviously many menu items that are even less SPV.

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