Update On New Build: Cabinets, Flooring, & Tile Shower

We have reached the phase in our house build where we get to see all the fun finishing touches.  It is really cool to see our vision come together.

When we went to the design studio, I had been tasked with looking at photos for ideas.  In the case of the kitchen, I found a really great photo that we were able to model our kitchen after.  Our cabinets were installed early in the week.  We stopped in on Wednesday after getting the key from the CBH office. 


They were getting ready to put down the laminate wood flooring on the lower level and we were told possibly also the granite counter tops in the kitchen.  We stopped in yesterday and saw that the flooring was completed (in the photo the floor is wrapped to protect it) as well as the island granite has been installed.  We also spotted our kitchen appliances in the garage.


Our tile shower was also installed yesterday.  They have the tile walls and floor in but they don’t have the grout done yet.  We are really excited about this shower.  Sadly, after all the back and forth over the shower shelf, it doesn’t seem to be the correct size.  But, we aren’t going to mess with it.  Our shower looks too nice to deal with the headache of fixing this issue.


On Wednesday we saw that our bathroom vanity in both the upstairs bathrooms was installed along with the linoleum. 

I should have looks at more photos of bathrooms for ideas.  I’m starting to get worried our bathrooms won’t look good.  I feel like the tile and the countertops don’t go together well.  I’m trying to be patient and wait for the final product.  I’m hoping once it is all completed, including the back splash, sink, and fixtures, and I can see it in better lighting, that it will all look okay.  I’m really nervous though.

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