Update On New Build: Finishing Touches, Appliances, Doors, & Carpet

With all the negativity surrounding social media, lets get some positives out there...how about a house update!

We checked out the key and stopped by our house before I came to work tonight.  Here are some updated photos from this week.
When we stopped in on Wednesday we spotted the rest of the granite in the kitchen had been installed.  We spent some time measuring windows so we can order our blinds soon.  We also met a really nice couple that stopped in to look at the house after seeing the garage door open.  I am pretty sure by now I could for work for CBH with all the information I have gathered since February.


I drove by on Friday before I went to work and saw they were installing our doors.  My green front door looks so nice and fun.  I’m super excited about it.


Today we see that the carpet has been installed upstairs and they have put up the mirrors and other items in the bathrooms.  It looks as if there is just some finishing to do and then perhaps getting in the crews that need to do the various touch up/repairs.  It is all so very exciting.


Our laminate wood flooring is covered to protect it.

One problem we spotted on Wednesday is that they covered up our above cabinet outlet that I requested.  I thought it might be fun to have lights up there so we built in an outlet.  The outlet was there before the cabinets were installed but since we raised the height of our corner cabinet, the outlet got covered.  We reported it to our realtor team and were waiting to hear back.  Today we see that they have moved the outlet higher up so it is now above the cabinet and no longer hidden.  That is good to see.

We are plugging away and only have about four more weeks until the house is finished.  Sweet!

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Cheryll said...

Love your cute green door! How fun!