I Broke My Activity Streak

After a 10-day stretch of meeting all three of my daily Apple Watch activity goals, I had a break in activity yesterday.


It wasn’t planned but I think it was needed.  After setting my alarm for 3pm and planning to go to Curves, I re-set it to 4pm and then again to 5pm before finally getting up so I could get ready to go to work.  I still had high hopes I might spend some time on the treadmill at work if that was an option.  It was as I ended up sitting on the side of the room for the first couple hours of work.  I just never felt like completing that activity.

Pretty soon midnight rolled around and my streak had been broken.  I’m hoping to feel more energized later today.  I just feel a bit rundown right now.  We are planning to pick up the key from CBH and tour the house.  I’m not sure yet of any formal activity plans.  I’ll wait and see where things shake out.  Saturday I work a 4-hour overtime shift and I hope Kenyon will want to take a walk with me after I get home and once the sun goes down.

My food as been great the last few days so I am really pleased with that.  I have a post coming about my recent Non-Scale Victories as I have a few to share with you.

In the meantime…I could use a nap!

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