Weekly WI: Spoiler Alert - I Lost 2.6 Pounds

I am excited to report that I lost 2.6 pounds for my weekly WI last night.  It sure does help boost my mood to have my hard work pay off.  It would have been a downer to have gained after working so hard.  We all know that can and does happen.

My weight-loss-happy-dance is due to one of the three things below, or perhaps a combination.

1)    Honest tracking: I tracked Smart Points everyday of the week

2)    Moving my body: I exercised everyday last week for at least 30 minutes

3)    Parsley Tea: I drank nasty Parsley Tea four days

In addition to honest tracking I also stayed away from sugar treats/dessert for the majority of the week.  I know by now that excess sugar can make or break a good week.

Our meeting topic lately has been talking about trying something new and rewarding with a Bravo star.  My share was that I actually tried the Smart Points Plan.  Do I think this is the best plan WW has had out there?  No.  It still angers me that there is such a dramatic swing on certain types of food.  That didn’t used to be the case.  Also, I could estimate the points pretty easily on a type of food and now I feel like I have to triple that on Smart Points.  Tracking my food, paying attention to the types of food I eat, and paying attention to the portion sizes is what makes weight loss successful.  So I’ll continue with the Smart Points program.

We all know the plan works if you work the plan.

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