Update On New Build: Laminate Flooring Photoss & Landcaping Completed

I didn’t know if I’d be popping in with a house update.  I drove by the new house on Wednesday and peeked in the windows to see the paper covering was taken off the laminate flooring.  I was anxious to get inside the house and look around so Kenyon picked up the key while I was at my hair appointment.  We had my friend Phoenix and Kiki with us so I didn’t get any photos to share.  Fast forward to Friday and we decided to go get the key so we could poke around more and get some photos.  Also, our landscaping was installed today.  Sorry the photos are so dark.  I need to get some when it isn't shaded.  I'll share them soon.


So far the sod is interesting.  There are some spots that look nice and green and some that looks a bit dead already.  We didn’t get a say on what shrubs they chose but that we got five shrubs, in season, and one tree.  The tree was placed in the center of the yard and I wonder how that will look down the road as it gets bigger.  It sort of blocks the view.  We also have a bit more grass than we were first told about in our Design Studio.  While in hindsight this will be good for future entertaining on our patio, it makes for more lawn to mow and we really don’t want yard work.  So that was a bit of a bummer.

I tried to take some panoramic photos inside the house.  It is hard to give you guys a full view of the house.  I just love how open the downstairs area is and I’m very happy with the laminate flooring we picked out.
Standing in the dining room.  Living room to the left and hallway to the garage on the right.


Standing in the living room.  Dining room on the right.

Standing in the hallway from the garage.  Living room straight ahead and dining room on the left.

Standing at the entry way.  Living room straight ahead and dining room on the left.

Entry door and closet double door

We were able to visit with our new neighbor Jennifer, who is building to the right of us.  She will close on her house August 3rd.  It is funny because her house started the week our house did and yet we won’t close until August 19th.  Either way….we will hopefully be in our new home in just five more weeks.  I can’t wait to meet all our new neighbors. 

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