Two Months Living At The 'Rents House

We are officially into our second month of living with the parents and I think it is still going well.  We have found a bit of a groove and I think we are all coexisting just fine.

The biggest struggle is how hot it is at my parent’s house.  You would think living in the basement that it would be nice and cool.  However, that isn’t the case.  I took for granted all those years Kenyon froze me out at our house.  Once I get showered and dressed for work I am dying to get outside where it is cool or at the very least where I can get into my car and blast my AC.  We are reaching temps of 100 degrees this week so this will be really fun!

We are about five weeks out to the finish of our new home.  We have about seven weeks though until we move out of Mom and Dad’s house.  It stills feel a bit far away but I know it will go fast.  We are both still on the graveyard shift so we don’t see Mom and Dad very much.  They usually head out of town on the weekends to the cabin and will spend an extended week over the 4th of July.  We don’t have the house to ourselves as my brother is there with us already living in the basement.  But honestly, we don’t see him much either.

Hopefully we haven’t been too noisy on night shift.  That is one bummer to not having your own space.  I swear when I try to be quite it is like I make 10x the noise! 

I got out for a walk in my childhood neighborhood earlier in the week.  It was fun to tap into those memories from growing up.  The park in the middle of the neighborhood where we used to play t-ball and swing on the swing set.  The various neighbor’s houses where we would trick-or-treat, including the old lady that handed out fruit instead of candy.  I guess that was back in the day where accepting fruit was okay and you didn’t fear there would be a razor blade inside.

I also found myself wondering if neighbors who used to live there still do.  The Wolfs, the Woodheads, the Ollies.  I passed the Smith’s houses.  Mrs. Smith made the best cakes.  I also passed the Campbell’s house where we used to spend a lot of time playing with Zach and Travis.  I know there are some neighbors that are still there such as the Peterson’s.  I have such great memories growing up in that subdivision.

As we continue to stay in the basement for the next several weeks, I’ll continue to take advantage of the time with my parents.  As we all know, life is short and you should spend time with those you love and care about most.

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