What I Ate Yesterday: Saturday

I did my grocery shopping on Thursday night/Friday morning and planned some meals for the week.  We have still eaten out here and there but overall, I’m packing my meals and snacks for work.  Yeah.

Unlike our old house that had four burners on the stove, my Mother’s house is old school and only has two burners.  And the rear burner only works on high so that makes it just that much more fun.  It took a while to cook all my food but I got the job done!

Before I knew it, I had lots of Tupperware ready to pack and go.

Here is what I ate yesterday.


I made Kenyon and I a skillet of frozen potatoes, bell pepper, and smoked turkey sausage cooked in oil.  I always top mine with an egg, over medium, so it is still a bit runny on the yolk.  Yum.  I also had some iced coffee and some cherries.


I had my usual Starbucks Americano that is pretending to be Dutch Bros in my hydroflask.



We were slammed at work so it took me forever to eat my lunch.  I packed a pepperoni pizza pasta salad made with whole wheat pasta, olives, bell pepper, zucchini, turkey pepperoni, and some provolone cheese.  I dressed my pasta salad with some light zesty Italian dressing.  I also had some FF/SF pudding on the side for dessert.



I was not sure I’d be hungry for dinner since I stretch my lunch out so long.  Maybe it wasn’t true hunger but I ate my dinner around 3am.  I packed an assortment of Tupperware containing a cut up chicken breast cooked in oil, corn cut off the cob, green beans, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.  Oh man did this hit the spot!

Late Snack:

I also packed a yogurt for the early morning hours.  I gave into some boredom eating and had it before I left work.  I was a watching a show where they were eating a muffin and I had the urge for something sweet.  This salted caramel yogurt did the trick.

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