Canyon County Fair

This weekend is the annual Cattleman's meeting/social hour/dinner/dance in Silver City. I had made sure I didn't sign up for any OT this weekend and had invited Phoenix along. Sadly she had to work early Sunday morning so it didn't quite work out. Instead we make plans to meet up and go to the Canyon County fair.

Phoenix and her daughter Kiki met up with me at my parent's house and we headed over to the fair. Other than the 100 degree heat, we had a good time. We got some cold beverages at the Human Bean before we walked across the street and found out they don't allow outside drinks into the fair. We sat in the shade and chugged 'em. The best laid plans...

Kiki really wanted to ride some of the fair rides and despite Phoenix encouraging her to play a few games instead, she talked us into riding the ferris wheel with her. The views from the top were spectacular.

We all voted that for $4 per person, the ride could have been longer! We also walked through some of the animal sections (STINKY) and through the Expo building to spot Phoenix's sister-in-laws winning entries.

Spooning Pigs

The plan was to stay for the Joe Nichols concert which was free with your fair admission. However, due to the crazy heat and no shade in the grandstands, we opted to cut out early instead. We went to Panda Express for a bite to eat and then back to my parent's house to visit. Once Phoenix's parent's got home we dropped Kiki off for a sleepover and headed into Meridian for some adult girl time.

We ended up at the Homestead Bar & Grill because we had heard it was the happening place to be. Um....maybe not on a Saturday night at 11pm? It was dead and honestly the beer selections weren't that good which is surprising since that had like 40 beers on tap. We sampled a few beers but never really liked the ones we selected. We shared a jalapeƱo cheese stuffed pretzel and some chips and salsa. The pretzel was very good but the chips and salsa not so much. I was interested in some of their menu items so I'm not sure if Kenyon and I might try it out sometime in the future. The music was a bit loud but that could have been because it was late at night.

I dropped Phoenix off just before midnight and headed home. Our energy was zapped from the heat earlier in the day. I took a nap in the wee morning hours. I have today off and plans to meet up with Janet to see the new Ghostbusters movie. With all the hours we have been working it is nice to have some downtime. I only wish Kenyon was also off work this weekend.

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