Weekly WI: I'm Not A Loser Anymore

I am very sad to report my days as a loser has come to an end.  At my WW meeting this evening I gained 1.0 pound.  Dang it.  I was so excited about my five pound star and I only needed to lose 0.2 pounds to get it.  I was hopeful I could do it but instead I gotta work harder for it next time.

This week was a successful week.  I have to keep that in the forefront of my brain.  It is way too easy to get bummed out about that gain.  I knew going into my WI day that I was nervous due to eating out several times this week and having most of my indulgences on Saturday and Sunday.  My rings are tight so I was even more nervous going into my WI.  But…it is done and over with and while I can’t change the events of last week, I can make this week successful.  That is what is so great about a brand-spanking-new-week.

I stopped into the meeting in Meridian tonight since I had met up with my realtor Christina for some girl time and pedicures.  I didn’t know if I’d stay for the meeting or just WI and leave.  The leader was having us fill out a ticket for a drawing so I figured I’d stay.  I’m not very good at winning but I’d increase my changes if I stayed.  (I ended up not winning and the price looked delicious as it was fresh strawberries…dang it).

I was surprised to see the WW leader is a celebrity personality.  I didn’t recognize her per se but I heard her say something about wearing heels when she was on television.  Then I realized she was Gretchen Anderson, one of our prior local news anchors.  Okay…that is pretty good to have your WW meeting being taught by a celebrity!  Honestly, I really liked her better than the leader at my Monday night meeting in Nampa.  I know that leader is new and still learning her techniques, but boy did Gretchen pep up the energy factor tonight.

I can’t attend a Monday night meeting next week due to overtime but I might consider hitting up this meeting again the week or two after.  Once I get back to day shift in early September I do plan to get back to my favorite Tuesday morning meeting.  I could make this Monday night in Meridian my home base as it is close to the new house.  It was a small group but since I’d attended there regularly many years ago I recognize some of the members.  We shall see.

I’m going to get a jumpstart on my activity this week by getting on the treadmill here at work.  I’ve scheduled all sorts of appointment this week with fencing companies at our new house.  It is going to be an interesting week for sleep and activity.

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