Mid-Week Check-In

I’m doing my best to keep up with my busy week between work (the last of the graveyard shift) and house closing stuff.

My activity for the week is walking on the treadmill at work.  There isn’t time to get to Curves and there really isn’t time for anything else.  So when I am able to, I have been walking for at least 30 minutes on the treadmill each day expect for Sunday, which I took off of formal activity.  Despite the days that I’ve not been doing an actual workout, I am still getting in the activity burn needed to meet the goal of my Apple Watch.  So that makes me feel good.


My eating has only been so-so since I didn’t put together any sort of meal plan at the start of my week.  Nothing really sounded good and I was feeling pretty stressed over the amount of hours at work vs. the amount of hours awake (take a guess as to which one was more?).  I am trying to stay mindful of my food and made good choices.  However I have been partaking in some high SPV foods.  I know I need to reel this in if I am going to continue to lose thus making my pants feel less tight.

I have not been engaging in sweets so that is a major positive for me.

I’m nervous because I gained 0.8 pounds at my weigh-in this week.  And since I’m taking the next two weeks off work…it can be really easy to get off track!  Luckily I will be burning some calories with moving/unpacking and I plan to move my Curves membership back to Boise.  I will also plan some healthy meals at home so we aren’t eating out a lot.  Kenyon has the desire to get healthy so together we can be accountable for each other.

But you all know I am my own worst enemy! 

Being successful just feels good.  So if I stay focused on that, I know it will drive me to make the best choice possible.

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