My First Patio Visitor

I've gotten to know my new neighbor, Trini, quite well over such a short time. I asked her if she would be home one evening where we could break in one of our new patios with some beer and girl talk to get to know one another better. Trini works a lot of house just like I do but  she did have a free evening on Tuesday night.

We sat in my new adorandac chairs and enjoyed a few of the Samuel Adams Fall Variety pack of beers. It was wonderful to get to know her better and continue to build a friendship. She is very happy with her new neighbor just as I am.

Side note: I had asked Kenyon earlier in the evening of Trini could come over and play. I was joking like you would of you were a kid asking Mom for permission. We had a good laugh at how it doesn't sound the same as an adult.

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