Week Six Complete: Smart Points and Tracking

I just finished my sixth week actually tracking my food and doing the Smart Points program.  It has been going pretty well and the scale has been going down so that is a huge plus!  I know I am feeling a bit bored with my meal plan and/or just feeling like I need to spice it up.  I know getting moved into our own place will help.  In the meantime, I am doing my best to make the most of my meals and keep my daily points in check.

I’ve still been eating out quite a bit.  Up until my night out on Saturday, I had not yet got over my WSPA.  As of Saturday I had 38 DSPA and 18 WSPA left.  I didn’t actually track the points of the food and alcohol consumed that night as I started my new week on Sunday and just started counting again for my new week.

I have been struggling with my food towards the end of my week.  I tend to get lazy counting points and often consume more food and/or higher point foods as it has been my days off.  That can possibly wreck a good week because my WI is on Mondays.  Needless to say, I have still had consistent losses and my average is at least one pound a week.

My activity last week was strong.  I didn’t have time to get to Curves so I made sure to make the most of the treadmill at work.  This week is a busy week as well so I am not sure what it will mean for activity.  It is hard to have many successful weeks and then know you have a week that will be a struggle.  Regardless, you gotta keep moving forward.


I have liked several WW meetings I have attended and so I’m not sure where I will land.  Once I am off the graveyard shift I will have some Tuesday mornings where I can attend the meeting with my favorite leader Donna.  The meeting has moved so I’ll have to travel across town but that has never stopped me from getting to a meeting.  So I hope to be able to visit often over those six weeks.  Either way I have plenty of meetings to fall back on.  It feels nice to have a connection to the meetings again.

I continue to focus on how good I will feel once I get the weight off and my pants start to feel better.  I want to stay focused so I can keep the scale going down.  Dawny visits in five weeks for our 10K so hopefully I’ll feel good when race day rolls around.  I need to start increasing my mileage as well.  Those five weeks are sure to fly by.

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