TGIFF: Thank God It's Finally Friday

TGIFF even if it is just one day off this week.  It has been a very long week and my giveadamn is big time busted.  I just gotta make it until 2am and then I’m free and in the clear until 4pm on Sunday afternoon.

While I should stay home and relax on my one day off, instead I’m going out drinking.  Maybe I can wash all my work stress away.  It is worth a shot.


I’m meeting up with Phoneix for some adult girl time as we bid farewell to the end of her summer vacation.  We were going to meet up with a bigger group to go downtown dancing but they have bailed.  So instead we are going to grab dinner and then go downtown for some Saturday night atmosphere just the two of us.  I invited my new neighbor to join us so I’ll see if maybe it will be the three of us.  We are planning to check out a few different bars and maybe even spend some time at the dueling pianos bar.  If we feel like it we might even kick up our feet at a dance club.  Mostly just looking to have some fun, relax, and enjoy adult beverages.

I just have to get through my shift which ends at 2am.

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