I Spent 13 SPV On An Ice Cream Treat

On Tuesday at work my supervisor DeLisa asked where I was at with my points for the day.  I told her I was doing pretty well.  She said if my points were good on Wednesday then she would like to treat us to an ice cream treat.  She told me all I had to do was tell her, “my points are good” and she will go buy the treats.

Talk about pressure.

Treats are never at a shortage in the dispatch center and with several out of town troopers in Meridian for the annual refresher training, we seem to have a lot of treats in dispatch right now.  Earlier in the week one trooper brought in ice cream treats and one brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies.  On Wednesday when I came to work a trooper and his wife brought us two buckets of treats and goodies piled high above the rim.  Seriously, we are never in a shortage of goodies here in dispatch.

I don’t often partake in the goodies and politely decline.  Since I’ve been declining more than splurging I told DeLisa I would plan in a treat when I came into work on Wednesday. 


I looked up the points ahead of time knowing that DeLisa wanted the Dove ice cream bars.  I was shocked to see that one is a whoppin’ 13 SPV.  Ugh.  This is why I just have to refrain from sugar.  13 points is a ridiculous splurge on a treat.  But, I had agreed to partake so the plan was to eat half of the ice cream bar, very slyly put the other have back in the wrapper, and throw the rest away.  This way I would only spend 6 SPV on my treat with the group.


I had really good intentions of just eating half of the treat…until I started eating.  It was delicious.  The chocolate is very rich and was so easy to savor semi-slowly (it was ice cream after all).  Eventually the chocolate fell off of the outside and I was left with just ice cream.  I debated on if I wanted the rest of the treat knowing I would be spending a full 13 SPV on it and the answer was yes.  I didn’t need it but it was so good and I wanted more.  I finished off the ice cream and then savored the chocolate halves slowly.  When the last of the chocolate sat on the wrapper I finally felt as though I was satisfied so I threw the rest away.


13 SPV were tracked, it was enjoyed, and I am moving on.


Karen said...

Awesome job in being accountable to yourself.

Lindsay said...

Thank you Karen. It feels good to be accountable.