Weekly WI: You Always Fear It Will Be Worse

I had my weekly WI today and am happy with the results. 

I didn't makeit to my meeting last week so that makes my 1.4 pound gain over two weeks instead of just one week. I was really nervous going into today. I have done nothing to help my weight loss status last week nor over our weekend trip in Salt Lake City.  I managed to burn a lot of calories moving/unpacking but I was also taking in a lot of calories. I went into today hoping for no more than a 2 pound gain and hoping for the best. We always fear the worst so when I saw the gain was just 1.4 pounds, I am super stoked. It means I have to get back on track ASAP to avoid any future gains.

Here was my weekly totals for my Apple Watch last week:

I recommitted to WW about ten weeks ago and have lost 5 pounds. Sure I had high hopes I'd have lost more than that, but 5 pounds less is still less and that is still in the right track.

It was wonderful to see my Tuesday morning WW peeps and also my WW leader Donna. I am able to attend that meeting again next week and I am looking forward to it. We are still working on unpacking boxes and organizing the new house. I have moved my Curves membership back to Boise and will try to swing in sometime this week. I am off workthrough Thursday. Come Friday, it is back to reality!

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