It's Easy Being Fat

I have been thinking lately about how easy it is being fat. 

For instance, I had gotten back on track several weeks ago and have been having success with Smart Points. The reason Smart Points have been working so well is mostly because I've been tracking, meal planning and watching my food intake.  Since our move, I've been really off track.

I don't need an excuse to eat out. Yet with our kitchen in an unorganized mess, eating out seems just seems easier.  Eating out also means consuming higher point foods and thus depleting my daily points budget quicker.  So not tracking just seems easier.  


The one area in at least excelling in is moving my body. Moving/unpacking sort of forces that!

It feels easier to be fat because you don't really have to put effort into it. However since I re-fatted (is that a word??) I've gotten daily reminders as to why putting in effort is a good thing.  It's why I need to keep trying for success and stay focused on the hard parts so I don't give into the easier parts.

I'm going to my Tuesday morning WW meeting this week. I'm really nervous as I've not seen those meeting members in a while. I'm a bit embarrassed about my excessive gain.  After being really far off track last week and our return from a quick weekend trip to Salt Lake City, I need the extra motivation my meeting provides. 

Time to face the scale.

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