Three Months Living With Mom & Dad

I can’t believe it has been three months since we moved back in with Mom and Dad.  It feels like forever ago and yet it feels really quick.  Much like my update last month, being on graveyard has made it a pretty easy peasy leaving situation.  We really don’t see my parents or my brother much as we are either sleeping/working or sleeping/awake when they are sleeping.  My parents are up at our cabin in Silver City each weekend so that makes for even less time our paths may cross.

I still worry we are too loud when are in the kitchen in the middle of the night.  But they continue to ensure me they don’t hear anything.  My Dad joked that he knows Kenyon is awake only because he hears his nose blow.  My husband makes quite the sound when he sneezes and when he blows his nose.  I actually heard his nose blow through the vent in the upstairs bathroom last week.  Classic!

We are not about four weeks to our closing/move date.  It feels like that will take forever to get here but I know that won’t be the case.  I am working a lot of overtime so that will suck up the days faster than usual.  I do have some fun thrown in there but not much until we have our time off for the move/unpacking.

I am so lucky my parents had room for us to move in temporarily.  It really was a life safer.  While we could have relocated to a temporary apartment, it is nice that we only had to done one big move to the storage shed and now one big move to the house.  If not, we would have had several moves here/there and that trouble to deciding what to move and what to store.  I’ve got such great parents.

I also realized it has now been a full year since I made the move to Nampa PD.  I can’t believe it was this time last year I decided to change agencies thinking it would be a good move.  There are times I wonder if I had stuck it out would I be happy.  I’ll never know the answer to that.  Nampa PD hired one four new dispatchers a few weeks ago so hopefully it is going well.

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