Christina & Company

I cannot express enough how wonderful our realtor team has been to both Kenyon and I throughout this whole home building/buying process as well as the sell of our Excalibur house. We fell in love with Christina when we met her upon purchasing our Excalibur home and I’m so glad we have remained in close contact.  She and her team are top notch when it comes to communication!

If you are reading this blog as a local resident of the Treasure Valley and ever need somebody who will be in your corner 100%, please contact Christina & Company.  The amount of knowledge and professionalism each member of the team brings to the table is top notch.  They were in constant communication with us and CBH Homes and always available to trouble shoot any problems that came up.  They even calmed my nerves a time or two.

We are so grateful for their help during these last four months.

I would like to say thank you to:

Christina Ward, Tracie McDonald, and Kelli Day at Christina & Company as well as Lane Ward and everybody else that worked behind the scenes for us

Dawn Crochet at CBH Homes as well as everybody at the Boise Office

Melinda Kim and Amanda Osburn at Guild Mortgage

Melissa Mireles at NextTitle

It takes a village to build a home…ha!  But seriously, thank you.  We appreciate all you did for Kenyon and I in helping us to get into our new home.

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