Virtual Race: Friends Forever 5K

Several months ago I signed up for some monthly virtual races.  The best part of the virtual race is that you get a metal with the cost of registering.  Since it is a virtual race you don’t have to wake up early, stand in line for the porta-poty, and get into the back of a large crowd waiting for the announcer to pull the trigger.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the atmosphere on race day and all the energy and excitement it brings.  In my area though you don’t get many metals unless you run/walk a 10K and in most cases it is at least a half-marathon or marathon.  So when I found out you get some sweet metals for doing a virtual run (i.e. you are paying for the metals) and they cost less than a local race…sign me up.  Several times in fact!

While I have signed up for several virtual races and earned some sweet looking metals, sadly I have not done well in actually completing the distance in true form of a run/walk.  Life got really busy in February and has been since then so I’ve sometimes been counting various walks and/or a day of walking around shopping as part of my distance goal for the month.  Once things settle back down and we are back in our own house space, I plan to catch you up on all the races/metals and made due on them the proper way.  I need to ramp up my walking before the FitOne 10K in September.  So, walking mileage is on the horizon.

For the month of August the virtual run I signed up for was the Friends Forever 5K.  National Friendship Day was celebrated on August 7th.  When you sign up you get two metals and two race numbers…one for you and one to give to a friend.  I knew Dawny would love this month’s metal which is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that says Friends Forever 5K between the two metals.  I had intended to call Dawny and we could do our 5K together, virtually, on the 7th.  But I never got around to getting her half of the metal and number into the mail on time.


I decided to complete my 5K while I was at work last week.  I got onto the treadmill and set it for 2.2 miles per hour.  I walked 30 minutes four different times throughout my 10-hour shift.  Technically, I completed more than a 5K.  But, the goal was to complete a virtual 5K and since I’ve not really had time to string a full 3.1 miles together…I am counting this as my Friends Forever 5K.

Now that Dawny has gotten her metal in the mail, I can share this with you all.  I wanted to surprise her first.  Dawny is a walkin’ fool so I know she will have no trouble completing her virtual 5K sometime in the month of August.

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