Update On The Last Few Days

I'm pretty sure this salad is the only healthy food I've eaten in days.

We are very much in the easy and convenient train for breakfasts and the sit down dinner restaurants. I've not quite got the kitchen ready to go.

We have been on the go since Saturday. I'm exhausted. Between a Uhaul truck, Kenyon, myself, and my parents, we got the small storage shed unloaded. This way we saved money on the hourly fee of the moving company we hired for the large shed. After moving boxes up the stairs we were over saving money and paid the extra money to have the movers get the rest of the boxes upstairs. That was a huge relief!!

We were all moved out of Mom and Dad's house and sleeping on the floor Sunday night. It was nice to finally be in our own place.

I've been burning lots of calories and we are both very sore. We are working to get  stuff put away and organized. Lots to do!

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