I Can Never Successfully Surprise Kenyon

Kenyon had expressed interest in a letter opener that was shaped like the sword from The Hobbit.  He found it on Amazon but didn’t think he should spend the money on it.  I told him to send me the link and maybe I’d buy it for his birthday (we don’t usually do gifts).  Since I wasn’t sure how long it might be on sale, I ordered it on the sly after an idea to give it to him as a housewarming gift.  After all, he has put up with me a lot since we’ve gone through this house selling/buying/building process.

Kenyon tracks the shipping of all items to our address so I knew he would figure out his surprise if I had it shipped to the PO Box or to my parent’s house.  I decided to have it shipped to Phoenix’s address instead.  I had Phe bring it with her last Saturday when we met up for the fair.  Of course he hadn’t left for work yet so I had Phe’s daughter Kiki smuggle it out of their car and into mine.

On Sunday morning I met Kenyon for breakfast at LePeep.  We were talking about tattoos and how he has never found anything he wants permanently on his body.  I was joking about him getting a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit tattoo.  This was my first mistake!  That remark reminded him think about the letter opener and he made a comment about having to order one before they were gone.  I slyly told him to “just wait it out a bit.”

Since Kenyon is pretty quick to be in the know of most things…the letter opener had been in his Amazon wish list and he noticed that at the time he sent me the link there was 18 items left.  Well now there was 17 items left.  As I was taking a drink of my coffee he asked me if I was the one who purchased letter opener number 18.  I about spit out my coffee and obviously that was a dead giveaway that my surprise was ruined.


I told him he couldn’t have it yet as it was a housewarming present.  So he has to wait it out.  I should know better than to try and surprise him.  It is funny because when we started talking about the package being shipped to Phe’s house and Kiki trying to be all sly passing it to me…he knew something was up then.  I just can’t get one by him.

Good thing I love him!

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