Update On New Build: Show Me The Money (Or Lack There Of)

I am feeling a bit stressed out about all the money needed to get a new house up and running.  It isn’t even the large items we need such as the fridge and the washer and dryer.  It is all the little extras like blinds, fencing, and some added furniture that has me looking for a stiff drink to drown away all the numbers dancing around my head.

After meeting with two fencing companies last week we have realized that wrought iron fencing is expensive.  Ugh.  Today we met with a local representative from Boise Best Blinds.  We had decided we would order our blinds through Blinds.com and were just waiting for a good sale to come along.  In the meantime, our realtor gave us a recommendation for her local contact.  They came out today to measure and look over some of the samples.  They have a business to run, I get that, but of course there is a million reasons as to why they are better than Blinds.com.  Much like the fencing quotes, I am left wondering if cheaper also means lower quality.  And in that case, do you spend more thinking you are getting a better product?  I honestly have no idea.

What I will tell you is that since we have been dealing with several business on fencing quotes and now with a business on blind quotes, all I see is dollar signs knowing that when you add in a person other than yourself…the cost goes up.  At least $800 of the quote for the fence is just in labor alone.  Now, that doesn’t mean I want to dig holes, pour concrete, and build a fence with my own two hands just to save some money.   In the case of blinds, I can hang my own blinds just fine.  Well, Kenyon can and I’ll just supervise!

We have to wait and see what the quote comes in at for the blinds and we are still waiting for quotes on two different fencing companies.  In the case of the fence, we don’t have to get it now.  So we just have to make a decision on what we really want to do. 

In the meantime thinking about all of these large numbers makes my head hurt.  I didn’t get much sleep today so I’m really tired.  I need coffee ASAP!

We are just one week out until we meet with CBH Homes to do our final walk-through with the construction super.  We submitted our items from the inspection to them and they are working on those items in the time between now and next week.  We are still set to close on the 19th and will be signing our loan paperwork on the 18th.  So we now have nine days until we hope to have keys in hand of our new home.  Kenyon was noting that of these next nine days he only has four work shifts left before he can start his time off.  I wanted to throat punch him after I counted up mine and still have a million work shifts to go.  Okay maybe not a million but I am working the next eight of those nine days.  Ugh.  It is sure going to make those 13 days off that much sweeter and will make me wish I had more than 13 days off. 

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